About the Owner - Jason Koehler (JK)

Jason Koehler holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from California State University and a Masters in Business Administration from Mercer University.  Growing up racing in Tampa for years, he's built almost every Honda setup imaginable.  His professional engineering career has stretched from combat vehicles/boats/submarines with the United States Navy to being a test engineer for Honda Research & Development.


He has been building wiring components and ECU configurations since 1996 and has built wiring harnesses for many major automotive performance shops.  As one of the originators of the Honda and Nissan ecu conversion harnesses, he has built over 4000 different ECU and engine harnesses alone.  Besides building and piloting the JKOBD race car, you will find him spinning laps on his dirt bike, bombing down the mountains on his MTB, and spending time with his amazing wife and kids.  



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